She presents data and information in a manner that is easily digestible–with just the right amount of spark to make it entertaining and memorable.
Anna has a unique ability to capture an audience.
— Chad Hacker, VP of Affiliate Partnerships, Clip Interactive


As a guest on Unbounce's webinar, I shared the floor with my gracious hosts and had a little fun–while delivering highly actionable tips and examples.

The webinar went off like a dream, and Anna was the reason.
She project-managed the promotion, the content, and the live event, and she made it easy and fun.
We ended up getting a great client from this event, and to-date it’s the best joint event we’ve ever done.
— Terry Whalen, Managing Director, CPC Search


In this clip from Party Bus in Your Pocket, a webinar showcasing practical learnings from incredible brand activations, I quickly helped the audience get excited about a cool case study. Then I handed the conversation over to the real expert.

“Most webinars are inherently dull. But because Anna actually gives a shit, she knows how to produce events that are fun for the host and guest–and most importantly, the audience.
— Oli Gardner, Co-Founder, Unbounce


In this clip I reveal myself to be an armor-wearing e-commerce upsell sucker... all in the name of helping the audience understand how buyer behavior works.

I called Anna in a panic before my webinar. Everything seemed to be going wrong. But she’s seen it all before, she talked me off the ledge, and I presented faultlessly.
— Alison Gates,