I’m pretty sure Anna has a PhD in being delightful. After she finished schooling us on how to do webinars properly, we added much of her advice into the way we do things now.
— Oli Gardner, Co-Founder, Unbounce
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Anna F Sawyer 

I'm a digital marketing expert, webinar strategist and personal brand-o-lizer with more than 7 years of experience and over 100 full-scale webinars under my awesome rodeo belt. I'll whip your webinar program into shape–and suddenly, this kind of thing will seem easy again. 


Hosting a killer webinar is one of the best ways to educate and nurture sales prospects–whether you're selling widgets, SaaS subscriptions, or just helping your customers learn.

But don't go to the trouble of throwing a cool party if the wrong people are going to show up.

I'll help you identify the audience for your webinars, find out where they hang out, and get them through the door with highly strategic, cross-channel marketing programs and user behavior analysis.

I'm a scrappy, dusty-from-the-trenches digital marketer with more than a few tricks up my sleeve. Don't you want me on your side?

I've been delighting and educating audiences for years, and expectations for quality content have never been higher.

With services like slide design, presentation coaching and live moderating, you'll finally create decks and videos you can be proud of.

It's not just about throwing a great event.

I know how to capture an audience. And I know exactly when to prompt listeners to convert. 

I'll help you focus on building a pipeline with your webinar program so you can move the right customers through–and close them.